Production Line



Board Cutting

CNC Drilling

Circuit Pattern Printing Side1

Circuit Pattern Printing Side2


Solder Mask Printing Side1

Solder Mask Printing Side2

Legend Printing Side1

Legend Printing Side2

Silver-through-hole Printing

Overcoat Printing Side1

Overcoat Printing Side2

Carbon-jumper Printing

Hole & Outline Punching

V-cut Scoring

Hole Unplugging

Open / short Testing

Final Finishing & Cleaning

Visual Inspection


Engineering & QA Equipment

CAM workstation

Film plotter

Screen mesh stretcher

(used to make silk screen)

Silk screen leveling machine

UV light film exposure machine

Silk screen checking

Silk screen checking

Pattern checking machine

Pattern checking machine

Silk screen storage

CNC drilling machine
(dedicated to sample making)

CNC routing machine

Reliability testing machines

Reliability testing machines

Pattern checking machine

(punching mold) storage

Drilling machine
(for tooling modification)
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